When I am Stuck in Life

Wait in silence, attention, and gratitude, then see what appears. Everything has meaning in presence and attention.

Sometimes, in my experience, the only way to see the next step is to allow it to appear. I simply cannot “think” my way to the next action. What works for me is to slow down and wait. Hopefully with patience.

Waiting doesn’t mean to sit on a leaf and to nothing like our patient friend in the photo. Waiting, in this form, means to redirect attention patiently onto something else for a while.

What I experience is that many times, that move away, allows a synthesis to take place and that Eureka! moment appears. I have no idea of why it works that way but the fact that it works is more important than why.

The practice of redirecting, patience, and waiting is a way to sidestep burnout, anxiety, getting caught in expectations, and is a way to be kind to oneself. It allows intuition to breath.

The last thing is that I build trust in myself. I start to realize that in life, I don’t need to think my way through everything by forcing it, We are amazing biological units with thousands of years of accumulation in our systems. Sometimes it’s just a matter of letting go of conscious control and allow the future to take it’s shape. Trust yourself and that willingness will open new options and opportunities.

Take care of you and all you love, hug someone or something today for no reason other than sharing yourself!


10 thoughts on “When I am Stuck in Life

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  1. Not worrying about what we can’t control is a great path to happiness in the moment, though not always the easiest thing to do. Great wise post as always. Also love the ending bit about sharing oneself 😁😻✌🏾

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  2. I have been reading your blog and I enjoyed it very much, congratulations and I would like to invite you to follow my blog to, thank you so much and I wish you much success 🌹😊

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