Kindness of Tao

“Sometimes you have to be kind to others, not because they’re nice, but because you are.” – Unknown

A little-known facet of being kind is that being kind, at its very roots, isn’t about other people. It’s about liking the way being kind feels to you. Genuine kindness releases endorphins and produces a kind of warm glow. Most of the time my conditioned separate self is invested in how others are reacting to kindness or basking in the responses from others. But, at those times I am in attention to my own responses, I realize how wonderful it feels to be kind.

I came to understanding this on my last hike when, at 5600 feet, I shared my lunch with one of the swallows who shared the peak. She as very insistent on getting a free meal. During the exchange we both has time to admire the view, and although she was the silent type, I felt we has developed a momentary relationship. And it felt good, sitting sharing, and being kind.

Others benefit from out kindness, but the one who really gains is the person Being Kind. I believe that paying attention to that feeling will drive more random acts of kindness. Some may consider this attitude selfish, but what can I say. I like the feeling of being kind and someday it may become a habit. As of this moment I don’t feel I’m in danger of that happening. But one never knows.

Be Kind, it feels good.

Bryan Wagner

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