Wisdom isn’t always Wise

“Unless one is willing to live fully in the present, the future is a hoax.” Alan Watts

I truly appreciate Allan Watts, he was honest. He never denied that he had an alcohol problem. He never called himself a master this or that, he openly said he was an entertainer, a showman, and not a Guru. He saw clearly that his talent was being able to shift his own perspective, just a tad, and express a new view. He did this in a way that made eastern concepts assessable to more people. An amazing person.

He also offered statements like the above, a sort of lofty, grandiose, concept of “living fully in the present.”

I don’t have a choice or need to be willing to live in the present, The system “Bryan” is present constantly, it never leaves the flowing moments. What I can do is pay attention to being present when attention is in these moments.

I have no idea what that means, living fully in the present. Mostly the “fully.” I have no idea how to divide the “present” from the “future” and claim that if I don’t live life “fully” in the present, then any future is a fantasy and a fools game. I mean, sometimes I’m here and sometimes I’m not. That’s life, not some misguided attempt to “live fully” in the present. Living means drifting in and out of presence and streaming thoughts, because that’s all that happens. My attention shifts between thought and reality, I simply can’t “live fully in the present.”

There are eight billion people on the planet, a lot of them could care less about “living fully in the present” and don’t consider their futures a “Hoax.”

It’s kind of a mean to say, and indicates he must always lived fully in the present, and must not have in the past, in order to know the difference. But the fact is no one lives fully in the present. Or at least no one I ever met. A lot of “spiritual influencers” act that way, but for me, if someone could live in the present all the time, they wouldn’t be human.

We wobble a lot. Period. We are here sometimes, and sometimes deep in imagination. Everything keeps changing and evolving.

Bryan Wagner

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