Thinking of You

You are remarkable, so I will remark.

You are amazing. You have gone through so much and yet you are here to be reading this and engaging in your day.

You are as kind and honest as you can be and always willing to help.

You feel deeply and intensely. You give your love freely to others. You want the best for others and yourself.

Despite the fear and anxiety all of us humans experience, you get up and face the new day. Despite how you feel or how badly you want to shut down you don’t. You keep going. Seven times down, eight times up.

And, what I really like about you, is that you know that practice doesn’t mean achieving anything. That practice is the art of coming back to where your genuine self exists. Practice doesn’t mean to not feel anger, sadness, upset, depression anymore than practice means we will always be happy, fun, or happily engaged. Practice is returning, not going somewhere.

I love you and will support you to be anyway that you desire. In some very real ways that’s what love means to me, for you to be genuine and filled with joy.

Love you


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