Tao: Life is not a metaphor

Lately I’ve been looking at my use of language and the reality of sharing myself through words. When I listen in conversation I interpret what you say into my own reference point and attempt to “know” what you meant. At that point I think I “know” what you meant, but in reality, its an interpretation and may not be in the least accurate.

I ask a lot of questions. But only in the sense I am trying to clarify as closely as possible, whatever it was you meant when you said something. I love and respect language, it’s a direct way of inter-relating that is personal and intimate.

I have read several times a phrase that rises in attention a lot more often than it used to rise.

“Words can only point to the thing, all words are metaphor.”

Language is so important and how we use it can make or break any relationship. I think it’s good to keep in mind that language is not the precise instrument I would like it to be, it can only point to things and label. Language can clarify, it can also obfuscate the simplest things. For me it’s helpful to remember that.

IN Tao there is no substitute for being alive in the moments attention. No words or thoughts can ever replace the sense input of an experience.

Perhaps take a moment today and let go of thoughts and words and thinking about things. Breath deeply, look around you, and realize that this is all there is in this moment. No matter where you are or what your doing, this is it. Hold that for a second, and smile.

Take care of you and all you love,


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