Is it meaningful?

There are not separate things that have meaning as opposed to those things that have no meaning. Everything has meaning, it’s our awareness and application of meaning to an experience that will define its value.

I experienced great meaning in shoveling horseshit out of stalls at Starry Skies Equine Rescue. People would ask what meaning was there in that? I can only relate from my perspective and I reveled in the feeling of being useful and assisting my equine friends to live a healthy life.  Some people would only see value in direct hands on contact with the horses. Direct contact would give the experience meaning, and perhaps that works for them. (For whatever it’s worth, I have all kinds of personal contact with my equine brothers and sisters!)

I generate the meaning and apply it. I have the choice to apply meaning to all experiences. I don’t have to “find” it anywhere or engage in something that is somehow carrying meaning independent of my interaction. For me, everything can have meaning if I apply meaning.

If we see everything as fragmented, then we can evaluate and label people, places, and things as having value or not. But the fact is everything’s connected and I see no value in deciding some connected things have no meaning and others do. I find great value and support in the idea that every single thing I encounter has meaning.

A diamond isolated in a vacuum has no meaning. A  human appears and suddenly the diamond has great meaning because concepts of value, perhaps love, beauty, greed, and other mixtures of response rise. The human applies meaning to “Diamond.”

So, I say everything has meaning. Whether I apply meaning or not, existence has meaning and value. There is an ecology to the concept of “meaning.” All things are connected if I am open to seeing the connections. Nothing has meaning unless there is an application of meaning and then everything has meaning and worth.

Sometimes there is confusion about what has meaning and whether we like or dislike something. When it comes to meaning I like what Kurt Vonnegut said, “It’s not about likes and dislikes.”

Take care of you and all you love,


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